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Welcome to the Life Fit Studio!

Welcome to Life Fit Studio! Step into a world of wellness tailored for you. Our specialized services, including cutting-edge physiotherapy, targeted mobility coaching, pain science education, invigorating fitness classes, and enlightening health workshops, are designed to unlock your body's potential.

Join our vibrant community of health enthusiasts, where your favourite cup accompanies engaging conversations with like-minded individuals passionate about wellness. Take charge of a healthier tomorrow by exploring our personalised physical therapy, diverse fitness classes, and holistic health workshops today. At Life Fit Studio, your journey to optimal wellness begins.

Yours in health,

Jack G. O’Halloran


The Social Corner

Welcome to The Social Corner at Life Fit Studio – your dedicated wellness hub for community gathering and shared experiences. Whether you're attending a class, workshop, or physio session, our carefully designed space invites you to unwind with your favourite hot cuppa, engage in conversations, and connect with others.


Immerse yourself in this vibrant wellness hub, fostering connections, learning, and shared stories. At The Social Corner, we believe that these moments of connection contribute to our collective well-being. Join us in creating a community where every interaction enhances our journey towards greater health and vitality.


Step into a space designed for connectivity, shared experiences, and well-being at Life Fit Studio. Come, be a part of our wellness hub, and let every shared moment enrich your path to health.

Social corner

About us



Jack G. O'Halloran  Ph Th., BSc., MIAPT


Jack, a physiotherapist, mobility coach and fanatic of biomechanics and pain science has been practicing clinically since 2017. During his time in college, he received a great foundation in diagnostic techniques, manual therapy, pain science and rehabilitation, to name a few. However, his journey in health has since taken many interesting turns. With experience working with Irish hockey masters in international tournaments winning several celtic cups, reaching an all Ireland final with Cork camogie in 2022, developing and delivering wheelchair skills courses, creating the ‘Recover & Thrive’ program delivered to over 30,000 NI civil service staff, hosting the ‘Life Fit Podcast’, as well as having done ‘crew’ & coaching programmes for 200k ultra runners, he has gained tremendously diverse experience to date. Clinically he has seen many interesting and complex cases coming through the door, ranging from long standing conditions such as chronic back pain, as well as dealing with more sports related injuries such as knee ligament injuries, dislocations, muscle tears and many more.


He is deeply fascinated with the human body and how amazingly adaptive it is. Seeing himself as a coach that can help you unleash its potential. He does this through his injury prevention and rehabilitation sessions. These sessions are tailored to be as relevant to each client’s needs whilst incorporating a fun and engaging approach.
He promises no quick fix but is committed to understanding why you move and feel the way you do, and to find solutions to get you moving well and living to your full potential, free from fear of pain and movement.
His therapy is all about the individual as their pain is theirs and theirs only. Health is a journey, with some of us struggling to find our way. Firstly, he will help you recover, and then thrive…

Outside of work you might spot him playing guitar, on the GAA field, dipping in the sea or head first into a philosophy or law book.

Yours in health,



Injury prevention

Musculoskeletal health care


Running/gait analysis


Pain science/education

Injury rehabilitation

Chronic pain management

Nutrition consultation

Bike fitting

Personalised treatment plans

Sport specific care

One on one sessions

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The LIFE FIT Studio
Upper Ballygarvan,
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Phone: Jack: 087-133 6171 


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