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Jack O'Halloran

"I would highly recommend Jack to anyone in need of physio. I found him to be an extremely knowledgeable physiotherapist. He is passionate about his job and able to communicate with his patients extremely well.
He is able to help you to pin point exactly the source of the problem."


"Really enjoyed my experience with Jack. He helped me with low back pain"


"Jack has a very friendly and relaxing attitude when he is working with you. he explains things very clearly and makes sure you understand the exercises and the purpose of them"


"Jack not only helps with physical pain, but also tackles the mentality associated with pain. Our perception of what we think pain is can be greatly exaggerated due to our natural instincts.
Jack helps to understand what pain really is and promotes the use of exercise to overcome any physical disabilities as the most effective and healthy way possible."


"Went to jack before for back pain, he;s really good and very knowledgable. Super friendly guy too! I even bought one of those jumpers on his window. Highly reccommend him"


"I would definitely recommend Jack, he has a great approach to overcoming pain and offers a space to confidently and safely regain momentum post-injury"


"Helped with shoulder pain and gave good advice on post-session exercises"


"Jack was an outstanding help. He went through everything with me and helped me understand what was going on with my injury. Would highly recommend!"


John Phelan

"John Phelan was recommended to me by my GP to help me deal with chronic back and neck pain (Arthritis) During my initial consultation I found John to be extremely thorough as he explained in great detail how to deal with this issue. His professional and calm manner immediately put me as ease. He set me up with a list of exercises to help me and gave me very good information to help me understand more about my situation. John also contacted me at a later stage to see how I was getting on. I would highly recommend John Phelan as a physiotherapist.."


"I injured my back while performing in a high intensity dance show this past summer. John expertly delved into my personal situation and really took his time to understand the context of how and what I did to injure my back. I was able to perform no problem the next night thanks to John. He also was able to provide me with strengthening exercises and stretches that I still use today when my back starts to dwindle. I highly recommend John to everyone as I have been to my share of Physio's over the years. He definitely has the knowledge, skill, and quality experience to help anyone in need of a Physio's expertise"


"I can only echo the reviews that John has received. I recently attended John's clinic to get advice on leg cramps and I also had a Physio and bike fit session. John's knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks John"


"I took up adventure racing 1.5yrs ago and I decided to go to John cos I never had a professional bike fit,I suffered from neck pain and felt uncomfortable cycling long distances,his service was excellent from start to finish,whole process took 90mins Physio assessment and bike fit,I felt much more comfortable on my latest cycle,really recommended John."


"John is a sound as they come, and really knows his stuff! Very comprehensive service including a nice coffee (all cyclists love their coffee!) and a few adjustments to my new ride were needed. Completed a 100km spin a few days later with no aches or pains and felt very comfortable throughout, many thanks John"